R.I.P., Click Mort

by Andy SmithPosted on

Christopher R. Doran, known as Click Mort to the art world, has passed away. The visual artist and musician was known for his “recapitated figures,” using parts of separate ceramic figures to create hybrid, surreal creatures. He was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 34 and on HiFructose.com here and here. The artist once said he sees his “work as simply reconfiguring two useless pieces of cultural debris into one piece of useless cultural debris.” That’s a humble, humorous description, though director James Gunn offered something more apt in his forward to Doran’s book, “The World’s Best Loved Art Treasures by Click Mort”: “I hope you enjoy what you see in this book. Please look closely at the photos. If you do, they will make you laugh. If you look closer, they will make you feel. And if you look closer still, they will break your heart.”

Doran is also known for making an impact on music, with affiliations with bands like The Shondikes, The Loafin’ Hyenas, and for a short time, beloved garage rock act The Cramps.

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