Alpay Efe’s Vulnerable Figurative Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Alpay Efe’s moody oil paintings offer vulnerable figures, both obscured by abstract elements and their own postures. The artist is self-described as a figurative painter “influenced by contemporary zeitgeist and pop culture.”

“Alpay Efe moves with his pictures between careful compositions, artificial scenes, work in progress and snapshots,” a Von Fraunberg Art Gallery statement says, via translation. “The studio. Its intimate reproduction of people and objects unites modern zeitgeist with traditional technique and synthesizes characteristics of the past with a view to the present. The images, which are figurative in their nature, take abstract forms through luminous colors and artificial light and have an almost mystic attraction.”

The German-born artist attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Dusseldorf, Germany. Recent shows have taken place at Gallery kunst-raum schulte-goltz+noelte, Von Fraunberg Gallery, and Abend Gallery in Denver.

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