Polly Nor’s Women and Devils

by Andy SmithPosted on

Simply, London-based artist Polly Nor creates women and demons. Yet, the themes and concepts within her illustrations, sculptures, and other works are both complex and universal. “Her recent body of work features a range of hand drawn, digital illustrations and sculpture work,” a statement says. “Interweaving themes of identity, female sexuality and emotional turmoil throughout her work, Nor is inspired by her own female experience of life in the internet-age. Her Illustrations often tell stories of anxiety, self doubt, and the struggle for self-love.”

A recent exhibition, “It’s Called Art Mum, Look It Up,” offered examples of both the humor and sincerity inside Nor’s work. The eerie “Shedding Skins” is a collection of latex “skins” made by the artist. It hints at themes from her illustrations, in which women discard and take on different skins.

Nor’s illustration clients include Complex Magazine, Gucci, Dr. Martens, Dazed Digital, Bloomsbury Publishing, and more.

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