Rodrigo Luff’s Luminous, Surreal Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Australian artist Rodrigo Luff’s luminous oil paintings combine nature with touches of the contemporary. The surreal qualities are often embedded into the living figures and animals he creates, often female humans intermingling with forest critters. And his work often translates into the smaller scale, with Luff being one of the curatorial architects of the ongoing Moleskine Project shows at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. The artist was last featured on here.

“[Luff] creates ethereal figurative works of women and nudes in beautiful dreamlike settings, his works are ornate and lush, replete with elaborate references to the natural world,” a statement says. “Luff’s palette is vibrant and his sense of light luminous. He explores a feeling of the otherworldly by capturing his subjects in trance-like dream states, suspended in mysterious atmospheres.”

The current “Moleskine Project” rundition runs at Spoke Art hrough July 29. All of the work implements moleskine pads as a canvas to each work.

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