Nicola Verlato Show Offers New ‘Methodology’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Italian-American painter/sculptor Nicola Verlato first noticed similarities between the vector graphics of the film Tron and early Renaissance work back in 1982. Since, he’s pursued a new methodology in how figurative works are produced, now integrating CGI software into his approach. In a new show at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen, the artist premieres works that continue the artist’s evolution. “New Methodological Foundations for Contemporary Painting” kicks off May 5 and lasts through Oct. 6. Verlato was last featured on here.

The show features 10 oil paintings, five sculptures, two drawings, and a look at “The Merging,” a project that integrates technology, painting, and sound. The gallery describes the process of creating these new works: “Endowed with a craftsmanship on the level of the masters of classic painting as well as an unusually sharp foresight, Nicola Verlato has designed a complex augmented reality – an expanded layer of reality based on the figurative painting combined with virtual data that puts our senses to the test and challenges our perception of what we see in front of us,” the gallery explains.

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