Daniel Ramirez Creates Surreal Portraits in ‘A Series of Shots’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Daniel Ramirez’s “A Series of Shots” captures surreal, unsettling characters and situations in his photography-based illustrations. These vibrant captures mix the humorous and the grim, toying with vintage and children’s story iconography with dreamlike twists. The open-ended series aims to “shoot any individual, object of essence, animals, and any disguised human.”

“A series of shots is an expression of freelance photographs landscaping and reshuffling the visual guidance of our everyday eye,” the artist says, in a statement. “The unique strategy in A series of shots is the approach he strives to capture a creative pose, shot or stimulus replica in mind that may be eye captivating to the naked eye, and furthermore, quite divulging to the photo fan who is yet to encounter such type of masquerade colorful photography.”

While some of the Los Angeles-based artist’s works are digitally edited, some of his most effective shots seem to devoid of manipulation.

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