Opening Night: Eric White’s “All of This Has Not Occurred” at Martha Otero Gallery

by CaroPosted on

On November 9, Eric White celebrated the opening of his new solo exhibition “All Of This Has Not Occurred” at Martha Otero Gallery. Inspired structurally and artistically by John Martin’s apocalyptic paintings, White generates a world seen through the eyes of his “watchman”: anxious, alert and powerful. White’s practice is centered around masterfully executed figurative painting, walking the line of surrealism. He uses film imagery to create dreamlike sequences, which are often disrupted when his subjects break the fourth wall to engage their viewer.

He describes this style as “Paranoid Social Realism,” a window into an alternate reality of Hollywood populated by imaginary actors and movie directors from different moments in time. His 1/3 Scale Retrospective of paintings offers an experiences like falling down a rabbit hole into this schizophrenic reimagining of cinema’s glamorous world. In doing so, White comments on our obsession with mass media and the need for more. “All Of This Has Not Occurred” by Eric White exhibits at Martha Otero gallery November 9, 2013 – January 18, 2014.

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