Min Liu’s Bloody Diary Features GIFs, Lots of Cats

by Andy SmithPosted on

Min Liu, a Taiwan-born, Brooklyn-based animator/graphic designer, has posted dozens of red-hued animated GIFs in her Bloody Diary online. The ongoing project features hilarious animations, often full of cats (and several other beings) in surreal situations. The artist keeps her palette simple in this series, with reds, blacks, and negative space used for each creation.

The artist hasn’t posted a new GIF in the series since last year, but there remains several on her website to revisit. Liu’s recent work, outside of her Bloody Diary, features the artist’s mark of sly humor and absorbing visuals, though these works garner more vibrancy out of her former journal’s confines.

The palette for Bloody Diary is integral to video works like the A Love Like Pi video for “Wide Awake.” In the video, the artist bridges disparate animations for a singular, engrossing experience. Liu also helped out with the video for the Keith James tune “Not My Day,” providing animation work.

A Love Like Pi "Wide Awake" from Min Liu on Vimeo.

Liu graduated from National Taiwan University in Taipei in 2010, before moving to the School of Visual Arts in New York City to acquire an MFA in cimputer art in 2013 (with a concerntration in 2D animation and motion graphics).

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