Pamela Tait’s Worlds of Bizarre Creatures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Past work from Pamela Tait, an artist based in the Scottish Highlands, seemed to focus on humans with flourishes of the fantastic. Yet over the past few years, strange creatures have appeared more and more in Tait’s work. Works like “Nobody could deny the magnetic qualities of the naked mole rat,” above, may be anchored by a creature from reality, but it’s surrounded by an odd array of characters. Tait was last featured on here.

“The Gathering Place,” from last year, is similarly concocted from both a familiar form and flourished of the bizarre. “High above the tree tops,” crafted with acrylic on board, gathers an array of unlike beings for a party above the forest, while “The Jinn party at Inshriach” must be inspected in sections to understand the scope of its weirdness.

Tait is part of the upcoming “Polygon” at Penny Contemporary Gallery, a group show that kicks off on Nov. 25 (which is the the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”). Pamela Tait’s husband is Erlend Tait, a painter also based on the Black Isle. She is a graduate of Grays School of Art.

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