Artists Visualize Earth’s Largest Animals in “Charismatic Megafauna”

by Clara MoraesPosted on

Laurie Hogin

From the terrifying T-Rex to the great Blue whale, some of the most charismatic characters throughout Earth’s history have been the megafauna- and the stars of Roq La Rue gallery’s upcoming exhibition, “Charismatic Megafauna”. Opening on December 3rd, the exhibit will feature new works by many artists we’ve covered in print and online: Adam Doyle, Brad Woodfin, Camille Rose Garcia (HF Vol. 30), Chris Berens (HF Vol. 9), Femke Hiemstra (HF Vol. 29), Jacub Gagnon, Jean Pierre Arboleda, just to name a few. This year-end show celebrates the beauty of the world’s largest creatures to have ever lived- calling it a journey through the grace, beauty and mysticism of animals from the artists’ point of view. Many artists, such as Brad Woodfin and Michael Alm, pay tribute to the natural detail and beauty of animals, while others offer a more fantastical spin. Laurie Hogin’s incarnation of Dürer’s Rhinoceros appears in a stormy, apocalyptic setting, while Femke Hiemstra has illustrated a whimsical, yet slightly terrifying picture of a wild cat cut in two. Instead of blood, he oozes with dripping and delicious golden honey that the other animals feast upon. Take a look at more works in the show in our preview below.

“Charismatic Megafauna” will be on view at Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle from December 3rd, 2015 through January 30th, 2016.

Camille Rose Garcia

Chris Berens

Brad Woodfin

Joey Bates

Joey Bates (detail)

Michael Alm

Laurie Hogin

Josie Morway

Josh Keyes

Jessica Joslin

Femke Hiemstra

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