Camille Rose Garcia at Dorothy Circus Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

Los Angeles-born artist Camille Rose Garcia crafts vibrant, horror-infused paintings. A new show at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Italy, titled “The Ballrooms of Mars,” compile a new body of work from the artist. Her multimedia pieces are often cited as being influenced by Max Fleischer, Disney, ’50s-era films, and the work of William Burroughs. The show kicks off Feb. 24 and runs through April 7.

“‘The Ballrooms of Mars’ explores the outer space dimension, the mysterious features of Space and the universal language of nature made of ‘patterns in the vibrations of sound,’” a statement says. “We are led in a journey through distant and magical dimension, in which we encounter mysterious creatures and Ziggy Stardust-like characters – born from Camille Rose Garcia’s imagination but also undoubtedly influenced by popular heroes like David Bowie.”

See some works from the show below.

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