Casey Weldon Paints Glowing, Supernatural Subjects in “Tropefiend”

by CaroPosted on

Casey Weldon (HF Vol. 32) adds a touch of luminosity to his bold and bright surreal paintings. He expands on his glowing palette to a mystical effect in his new solo exhibition, “Tropefiend.” Opening tonight at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, the show portrays Weldon’s electric colored subjects in an amplified world. This, he combines with witty yet unsettling motifs, such as in a portrait of girl with fireworks exploding from her eyes, or a rattlesnake protecting her nest of radiating eggs. Even cute kittens, a familiar image in his works, become distorted as they form the outline of a grimacing face. Where previous pieces sought to distort the natural world, here Weldon moves even further away from reality. He shares, “The subject matter has been more about dying man-made media, like television, radio, and print, and having them lost in the overgrowth of the constant of nature. It’s more natural than magical – maybe supernatural.”

“Tropfiend” by Casey Weldon will be on view at Spoke Art Gallery from June 6th through 27th.

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