Opening Night: “Temple of Art” Group Show at La Luz de Jesus

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All photos courtesy photographer David Alexander Willis.

On Friday, La Luz de Jesus gallery invited viewers to reflect on how we see ourselves with their group exhibit, “Temple of Art”. The evening also celebrated the Baby Tattoo book release of the same name, the brain-child of photographer Allan Amato who has taken interest in photographing over 50 fine artists. Many of them have been featured on our blog recently, and will be familiar to Hi-Fructose readers; Christine Wu, Dan Quintana, Hueman, Junko Mizuno, Karen Hsiao, Ken Garduno, Kent Williams, Shaun Berke, Stephanie Inagaki, just to name a few. Their works are a collaboration between Amato’s honest approach to portraiture and their individual fine art techniques. Their styles range from high energy drawings, to soft and pretty palettes, to bold and surrealistic interpretations of the world around them. Provided with their own portraits as the blank canvas, the artists’ unique perceptions of the world shine through. While we share one reality, artists interpret it differently, just as one painting can be experienced in many ways.

“Temple of Art” is now on view at La Luz de Jesus gallery through December 28th.

Curator and contributing artist Matt Kennedy with Satine Phoenix, Karen Hsiao and Stephanie Inagaki.

Satine Phoenix

Satine Phoenix

David Mack

Scott Fischer

Christine Wu

Jaw Cooper

Jaw Cooper


Shaun Berke

Soey Milk

Ken Garduno

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