Preview: “Ambrosial Affair” by Junko Mizuno at Narwhal Projects

by CaroPosted on

This Saturday, Junko Mizuno continues her 3-part series, “Junko Mizuno’s Food Obsession”, with “Ambrosial Affair” at Narwhal Contemporary gallery in Ontario. The first part was “Venus Cake”, where she set the stage for these overeating witch-like idols in a state of psychedelic euphoria. They live in a world of fantasy,  inspired by the fact that certain foods can get you in the mood and help get your blood flowing down there. ‘Obsessed’ with the theme of gluttony, Mizuno has strongly linked her subjects to their food fetishes. They have a voracious hunger that is both erotic and horrific, shown here in 20 acrylic, ink and pencil works influenced by art deco and art nouveau styles. Looking particularly plump, her girls gorge themselves on bacon, eggs, coffee and ramen to the point of utter extravagance. This seduces everyone around them, especially their bite sized minions who prance about in reverence. In this realm of dark magic, food contains the energy of love, protection, sensuality, strength, fertility, and prosperity.

“Ambrosial Affair” by Junko Mizuno exhibits at Narwhal Projects through March 14, 2015.

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