Didier Faustino Creates Architectural, Light and Sound Installations in La Maison Bloc

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Originally built by architect Andre Bloc in 1949, La Maison Bloc is an unusual, geometric house owned by curator and collector Natalie Seroussi. Viewers must enter the dwelling’s sculptural interior through a hidden hollow in its wooded surroundings in Meudon, France. Seroussi has been inviting artists to create architectural interventions and installations in and outside the structure since 2008. Her latest guest artist, Didier Faustino, altered the space with a bright, rust-colored entrance in the shape of a “Pow!” visual onomatopoeia. The outdoor work (which brings a loud, blatant pop culture reference into the quiet forest) leads the way into a sound installation composed of whimpering voices. A neon arrow sign sculpture illuminates the interior, further alluding to comic book imagery.

In his artist statement, Faustino emphasizes that the piece is not intended to be read as an homage to Bloc. Though he acknowledges that the two artists share similar interests in blurring the lines between sculpture and architecture, Faustino takes a philosophical approach. He states that architecture must cease to be seen as an imposed object that limits the body’s movement. Instead, he calls for open-ended spaces without specific functions so that the architecture does not dictate its occupants’ activities.

Photos by Felipe Ribon (via DesignBoom).

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