Ludo’s Latest Street Art in the Caribbean, Japan and Thailand

by Sasha BogojevPosted on

Ludo is a French artist known for pasting up black and white images with neon green accents on the streets on Paris and worldwide. His imagery often shows mutilated insects, animals, plants or different life forms with added mechanical parts. Strongly influenced by the skateboarding logos and punk imagery from the ’90s, his works comment on the way humans interact and interfere with nature. His limited color palette is a nod to DIY punk culture with its lo-fi, self-published zines and records, and certainly adds a feeling of rawness to his work.

Following a sold out solo show in NYC earlier this year, Ludo is currently focused on his upcoming exhibition with Lazarides in London in October. Aside from creating new work in his studio in Paris, he has been traveling the world and placing his works in places that are not common on street artists’ maps. A few months ago he was in Thailand and Japan, as a part of his pre-show work. His entire trip was filmed and will be presented as a part of the exhibition. With chaos as the main subject of the show, Ludo wanted to experience places typically unfamiliar to Westerners. After his trip to Asia, he visited the island of Saint Martin, a peaceful French and Dutch-influenced tropical paradise in the North Caribbean. During his stay, the artist placed some of his work in unusual places and brought about a bit of chaos himself. At one point of the journey, he got in trouble with Dutch coast guard and stirred up some controversy with the works he pasted up in Saint Barthelemy.

Thailand and Japan:


Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy:

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