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An uncanny valley tears open when viewing Mark Jenkins's sculptures of verisimilar human figures. His work triggers the discomfort and fear we instinctively feel upon encountering something that looks almost human, but not quite. Jenkins's latest solo show, "Moment of Impact," is currently on view at Lazarides Gallery in London through February 5.
Ludo is a French artist known for pasting up black and white images with neon green accents on the streets on Paris and worldwide. His imagery often shows mutilated insects, animals, plants or different life forms with added mechanical parts. Strongly influenced by the skateboarding logos and punk imagery from the '90s, his works comment on the way humans interact and interfere with nature. His limited color palette is a nod to DIY punk culture with its lo-fi, self-published zines and records, and certainly adds a feeling of rawness to his work.
Banksy began his career by taking up wall space without permission for his street art. But his work has become so financially successful that established art institutions, ironically enough, have scrambled to become part of the Banksy mythology regardless of the artist's consent. Following the recent, controversial "Stealing Banksy" show, where Banksy's street art pieces mysterious appeared in a gallery setting, carved from the walls on which they originally appeared, London auction house and gallery Sotheby's is slated to open "Banksy: The Unauthorized Retrospective" on June 11.

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