“Fire Walk With Me” Group Show

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“Fire Walk With Me,” a group exhibition, opens April 21st at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica with stunning art work based around the mysterious symbolism of “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me” marking the 20th anniversary of the film. The much beloved show Twin Peaks continues to gain an enormous cult following. Though it ran for one year, between April 1990 to June 1991 it is known as one of the greatest television shows of all time.

This will be the 2nd Twin Peaks group art show curated by producer Robert Wilson following the success of last year’s 20th Anniversary of the T.V., show he co-curated, “In The Trees” which included work by Chris Mars, Tim Biskup, Stella Im Hultberg, Glenn Barr and many other notable artists. Peep our coverage last year here.

This year’s exhibition features an incredible array of work by Lori Earley [in her new style!], Brett Amory, Esao Andrews, Glenn Barr, Chris Berens,  Chris Buzelli, Tim Biskup, Andrew Brandou, Scott C., Amy Casey,  Nicoletta Ceccoli,   Paul Chatem, Sas  Christian, James Hahn, Ryan Heshka, Stella Im  Hultberg, Jessica Joslin,   Andy Kehoe, Frank Kozik,  Alice Lodge, Chris Mars, Dan May, Tara McPherson, Margaret Meyer, Billy Norrby, [yours truly] Annie Owens, Carlos Ramos, Matt Rota,  Shag, Anna Skarbek, Owen Smith, Nathan Spoor, Brian M. Viveros,  Eric White, Pamela Wilson, Martin Wittfooth, Chet  Zar, Grace Zabriskie (“Sarah  Palmer”), Richard Beymer (“Benjamin Horne”), and James Marshall  (“James Hurley”) and David Lynch himself! Breath.

Sculptures by stop motion animation legend, Bruce Bickford will also be on view. Need I mention how beautifully balanced the curation of this combination of artists is? We are happy to share some never before seen preview images and artist’s quotes of their thoughts about Twin Peaks with more to come!

“Our conscious mind may lie to us, but deep within our subconscious mind lies the truth. David Lynch boldly takes you on an intricate journey through the haunted hallways and hidden rooms of the subconscious mind which we never knew were there. Lynch leaves us in both a state of confusion, yet complete understanding at the same time. Lynch is a true genius.”

– Lori Earley

“Twin Peaks is like a dark rose lurking in the shadows of a dark cold room spreading its petals of dreams.”

– Brett Amory

Martin Wittfooth

“I had never seen anything that so wonderfully bounced from reality to the nonsensical with such casual normalcy, exactly like that of a dream. Being in a nightmare where it’s hard to hide the smile on your face.”

 – Esao Andrews

“Watching ‘Twin Peaks’ forever changed my way of looking at art… it was that bridge between mainstream culture and intuitive art and storytelling that I needed to see and was ready to embrace at that point in my life as a budding young creative. I really connected with the nonlinear nature of the show, its odd sense of humor, the music and the perfectly balanced cast of characters. It became a social event on Fridays. I can’t say enough about its influence on me, and it continues to impact my art and the way I perceive art and even everyday life. I find myself glimpsing little “Twin Peaks” moments when I’m out sometimes (I live in the Pacific Northwest, about an hour or so from where the show was shot).”  

– Ryan Heshka

“The inspiration for this painting came from the shots of the flashlight illuminating small bits of the forest as Laura and Bobby walk through the woods. Only having a small fraction of the world revealed to you, and so much left in mystery, trying to find your way, or interpret what you see through such a narrow lens seems to perfectly articulate Lynch’s vision of how humans perceive the world around them, or at least how the characters in the world of Twin Peaks perceive it.”     

– Matt Rota

-Scott C.

Stay tuned for the follow-up post with more amazing previews!

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