Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Show

by Roger TaylorPosted on

Chris Mars

Twenty years ago, David Lynch’s unique vision was introduced to mainstream America in the form of a network television prime time mystery known as Twin Peaks. Judged by any reasonable metric, a noirish journey through a sleepy northwestern logging town beset by a sex killer told by a visionary as off-kilter as Lynch should have died quickly. It didn’t.

Housewives left the dishes for the morning and teenagers neglected homework assignments every week, spellbound and waiting with bated breath for the answer to the question on the nation’s mind. Who killed Laura Palmer?

If nothing made sense about America’s fascination with Agent Cooper, the one-armed man, and a malevolent spirit named Bob with a penchant for horrific crimes, we can at least understand why David Lynch’s bizarre creation would inspire a new generation of artists and creatives two decades later. The Twin Peaks 20th anniversary art exhibit opens February 12th in Los Angeles, Hi-Fructose has acquired an exclusive first-look at contributions by Chris Mars and Amy Casey (we featured both artists back in Hi-Fructose Volume 7) and more below. – Roger Taylor

Amy Casey

Ryan Heshka

Tim Biskup

Jessica Joslin

Paul Chatem

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