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Author: Annie Owens

The Greater Denton Arts Council is expanding its call for entries for the 30th annual Materials: Hard + Soft Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition to now include international artists, thanks to a partnership with the NEA. Recognized as one of the premier craft exhibitions in the country, Materials celebrates the evolving field of contemporary craft and the innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media. The 2017 juror will be JoAnn Edwards, Executive Director of the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, California. Submit your work online by September 30. Learn more at

Jessica Joslin is the creatrix of a curious menagerie of hybird creatures, composed of a varied anatomy of bone, glass, leather and metal, meticulously assembled to look like real specimens. Her work recalls a sense of the Victorian era's obsession with detail and death and yet retains a playfulness attributed to circus shows of trained animals performing gravity defying feats. Hi-Fructose was recently able to interview the artist, take a look at her intriguing responses after the jump.

AFA Gallery is pleased to announce that AFA has become the exclusive representative for Colin Christian’s popular Lipsex sculptures. Colin Christian has created a collection of never-before-seen unique large scale sculptures for AFA.
“Nothing on your walls should match your fucking carpet.” That’s the motto of Scandinavian designer wallpaper collective, Launched in 2015, FEATHR is lifting wallpaper out of the decoration ghetto and turning it into art. So they don’t work the way that other wallpaper companies work. And they don't work with the types of artists that other wallpaper companies work with.
"Good evening, art lovers. For your enjoyment and edification..." begins Rod Serling’s introduction to "House With Ghost", a season 2 episode of Night Gallery. The 1970s horror fiction TV show, which ran from 1970 to 1973, featured among other stories adaptations by classic horror fiction authors like Lovecraft, August Derleth and Algnernon Blackwood. Anyone familiar with the show will remember best the shiver inducing, dissonant opening score by Gil Mellé and, of course, the paintings that kicked off each of the series episodes.
Tomorrow night, Chet Zar’s “The Demon Show” and Jasmine Worth’s “Dark Night of the Soul” side by side solo shows are opening at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Both shows will be on view May 23rd through July 3rd, 2015. In "Dark Night of the Soul", Worth explores the act of transformation through suffering. Inspired by both the occult and female experience, the artist utilizes meticulous layering techniques to craft scenes from fairytales gone awry, swirling seamlessly between the sweet and the morbid. With “The Demon Show,” Zar’s subject matter is surreal and darkly humorous yet genuine in its existence, often revealing humankind at its barest form.
Going through Randy Hage’s “New York Storefronts” series of photographs had me admiring them as photographs for all the reasons you admire a great photograph; color, composition, a story... until I read the captions: "1/12th scale sculpture of a bodega in Brooklyn..." These storefront miniatures could be thought of as time capsules of a potentially endangered species, capturing the delicate beauty of aging architecture. Hage has been creating sets, models, and props for the TV/Film and small scale hobby industries for over 25 years and has an upcoming solo show at Flower Pepper gallery October 10th, 2015.
Robert Williams signed books all day long for an endless line of fans on March 28 at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. His new book, SLANG Aesthetics!, serves as an exhibition guide to the comprehensive retrospective by the same name. The exhibit opened last February at the same venue where the signing took place. It's on view through April 19 in tandem with Juxtapoz Magazine’s anniversary group show, "20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz." SLANG Aesthetics! covers Williams' expansive career as an artist, a founder of Juxtapoz, and arguably the godfather of low brow art and culture.

Greetings. This is a note from the editors to correct a printed error that occurred during the editing of Nastia Voynovskaya’s beautifully written print feature article on Ray Caesar in Vol.31. Regrettably, the seemingly small edit changed the writer’s intention significantly. Our deepest apologies to both Ray Caesar and to Nastia Voynovskaya for the oversight. The following sentence which was published, reads “Ray Caesar will tell you that the above description is more of a reflection of his neuroses than of his artistic intentions." It should instead read, “Ray Caesar will tell you that the above description is more of a reflection of this writer’s neuroses than of his artistic intentions." We will also published this correction in the next print issue of HF.

Celebrated spanish designer Jaime Hayon, in collaboration with ceramics manufacturer Bosa, premieres "Hope Bird" on December 12 in New York City. This is the first collection in several upcoming limited art editions for Design-Apart, NY's artist series of objects produced in collaboration with the leading artists, designers and manufacturers. Hayon, whose creations are known to blur the distinction between art and design as well as challenge the conversation around art and commerce, created the 15 hand painted ceramic birds to symbolizes an optimistic approach to what lies ahead. See more after the jump!
“Brut Force Visionaries, Outlaws and Iconoclasts” opens at Berkeley's Nielsen Arts Gallery Saturday, November 2 through November 13. The show presents the collection of Scott Cook, featuring original works and prints by Al Columbia, Daniel Clowes, Mike Davis, Jim Woodring, Robert Crumb, Art Speigelman, David Sandlin and Tom Huck and sculpture installation by Meghan Gates. Cook commissioned the series from drawings included in "Congress of the Animals" and "The Frank Book". One drawing on display is featured in Woodring's latest book, "Fran". See more after the jump.
The London-based Alternative Limb Project, brainchild of sculptor Sophie de Oliveira Barata, offers specialized prosthesis to reflect the wearer's personality, imagination and interests with three different option categories as starting points: Real, Surreal and Unreal. Styles can range from wood, plastics, metal, graphics and even Swarovski crystals like the piece proudly worn by model Viktoria Modesta, tipping the once inconspicuous intention of prosthetics on its ear. See more after the jump.
International street artist collective Dudug transformed the once regal ocean liner, the TSS Duke of Lancaster, into an open air gallery. The ship was left to rot on a dry dock in Dee estuary, Flintshire in 1979. Following a number of planning disputes between the owners and Flintshire's council, the owners granted Dudug permission to launch their project dubbed "The Black Duke" with contributions from artists including KIWIE, Cream Soda Crew, Laura Zombie, Bungle and Goin, Fat Heat and Mr Zero among others. Take a look at some photos of the project courtesy of Dudug after the jump.
Our friends at Cotton Candy Machine are releasing two new Tara McPherson prints to help recoup losses from a devastating fire that occurred at their Brooklyn home last month. These are the first timed release prints Tara McPherson has ever produced. Both prints are Timed Releases and available NOW February 7 through 1h. There is no limit on how many prints you can order. If you can, please buy them both and buy one for a friend to help this cause. The Love Space Gives is as Deep as the Oceans by Tara McPherson $100 24" x 24" Signed and Numbered Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper Printed with Archival Inks. Bunny In The Moon by Tara McPherson $25 8.5" x 11" Signed and Numbered Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper Printed with Archival Inks. This new giclee by Tara is the title piece of her "Bunny in the Moon" solo show and the cover of her newest book by the same name, Bunny in the Moon. Click here for more information.
"Oh Deer," the latest show by Berlin art duo Low Bros, recently opened at the Pictolasma Showroom in Berlin. Brothers Qbrk and Nerd of "The Weird" collective combine the elements of nature with clean geometric lines and bold color to create their eye their popping work. Earlier this year, they teamed up with Dulk and Nicolas Barrome on a mural for the eigth Eurocultured Street Festival in Manchester. Take a look at more images of Low Bros' work after the jump.
Pictoplasma is coming to town! NYC is once again host to the annual Pictoplasama conference November 2 and 3 at Parsons the New School for Design, with guest speakers including Hi-Fructose previously featured artists, Buff Monster, Jason Freeney and Mark Gmehling. We've kept tabs on Pictoplasma (featured in the forthcoming Hi-Fructose Vol. 26), a worldwide network of artists and designers dedicated to the art of character design, since it's inception in 1999. Since then, they've organized their annual festivals in New York and Berlin, countless exhibitions and crazy installations. Previous speakers and featured guests for Pictoplasma NYC and Berlin include Gary Taxali, Tim Biskup and Nathan Jurevicus to name only a smattering of amazing artists. Stay tuned for more info and take a look at a video teaser and more images after the jump.
front "Smoke & Mirrors," the debut solo show by art duo Jason Mitchell and Stacey Ransom, opened this past weekend to a seriously packed house at Varnish Fine Art gallery in San Francisco and it was great to see some familiar faces. Ransom & Mitchell are both life and business partners. "Their visually stunning works, informed by professional backgrounds in the filmmaking world, are the end result of creative collaborations with an intense study of the art world notables they photograph."
cover Chris Ware's (HF Vol.3) long awaited graphic novel, Building Stories is coming! Comic book artists and creator of the Acme Novelty Library series and stories such as Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid on Earth will release the serialized comic Building Stories as a 260 page box set this October by Pantheon Books. The serialized stories have appeared in the New York Times, Sunday Magazine and The New Yorker over the past ten years and is compiled in this portfolio in the form of two hard cover books, gamesboard stock fold outs, broadsheet newspapers and of course mini-comics packed nicely into a beautiful box. As usual Ware takes full advantage of the print medium using every surface of page and box to tell a story.
Hi-Fructose Magazine returns from another annual round at San Diego Comic-Con with a few snapshots of the visitors to our booth. Many thanks to Junko Mizuno, Audrey Kawasaki and Luke Chueh for their generous time stopping by for exclusive signings! Thanks to all our readers and Facebook “likers” who stopped by to say hello, nice to put so many faces to names. Take a look at some photos from Comic-Con after the jump.
The playful wall murals of young Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic aka Zachas have recently been popping up on the streets of Penang, Malaysia. His realistic paintings combined with found objects, either nearby or part of the actual architecture, create murals that are interactive their surroundings.
Last month, the Biennale des Createurs d'Images 2012 in Paris showcased 200 works by professional artists of photography, multimedia and illustration. Of these artists, Laurent Chehere captivated many with his flying houses. Chehere, an award-winning photographer with a penchant for architecture and travel, used traditional photography and digital manipulation to create this personal series, which serve as metaphors for travel.


"Special Agent Gordon Cole" oil on canvas, Chris Mars

Last week we previewed some of the astonishing art to be shown at next month's Twin Peak's group show in Santa Monica. This week we get to peep more exciting new work for the show by Chris Berens, Glenn Barr and Chris Mars' finished piece "Special Agent Gordon". This year's group show, "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" celebrates the 20th anniversary of David Lynch's 1992 film.

"Fire Walk With Me," a group exhibition, opens April 21st at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica with stunning art work based around the mysterious symbolism of "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" marking the 20th anniversary of the film. The much beloved show Twin Peaks continues to gain an enormous cult following. Though it ran for one year, between April 1990 to June 1991 it is known as one of the greatest television shows of all time.

Attaboy has just made some great limited edition prints, custom sculptures, and original art pieces from his archives available to support his new Kickstarter campaign. Take a look at the project and have a better view at some of the art here.


63 Bluxome Street Gallery's opening last weekend showcased three Bay Area talents with the show "Adrift". First we are reacquainted with art duo, Cassandra and Ernie Velasco aka, Doubleparlour whom we featured in HF's latest issue, Vol.22 and got some quality face time with their newest creations, full of attitude and personality. Next up Matt136's unique presentation of cut out paintings on wood. The single piece on view is actually a series of many medium to small pieces arranged across an entire wall to form a pictorial story, one set being a group of mousetraps. Finally is Ken Davis' newest hand lettered, stunning gilded signs! View more images after the jump.

The 13th Hour is upon us! The 4th annual "13th Hour" group show at Last Rites Gallery opened in New York City, featuring the art of artists such as Chris Mars, David Stoupakis, Colin Christian, Michael Hussar and Anthony Pontius to name just a few. Last Rites Gallery opened in 2008 by founders Paul Booth and Genevive Zacconi and has since established itself as the preeminent gallery venue focusing on contemporary dark art. Get a look at our initial preview of the show here, and the opening night photos after the jump!

'Made in Polaroid', an exhibit featuring over 50 works of arts from a diverse group of celebrities, artists, photographers, fashion designers and musicians including Dave Kinsey, Joe Sorren, Stella Im Hultberg and Chase Jarvis opens later this week in New York City. 'Made In Polaroid' celebrates Polaroid's founder, Edwin H. Land's love of the arts and will be open to the public September 9th through the 13th at New York City's Phillips de Pury & Company's gallery. The project will benefit Free Arts New York, which provides under-served children and families with a unique combination of educational arts and mentoring programs. All works are created with photos instantly printed from the Polaroid GL10. For more information visit

"Bad Dads," LoPo Gallery, October 30th 8 p.m. - "The Death of Buckley" is artist and print maker, Tim Doyle's beautiful contribution to the Wes Anderson tribute group show, Bad Dads opening tonight at San Francisco's LoPo Gallery. Curator Ken Harman put the exhibition together as LoPo's inaugural show which pays homage to the venerated director whose films are rife with awkward family dynamics that play out as both dismal and humorous at once. It is no wonder that so many connect to his work.

Rivet Gallery opens their newest show, "Remedy" on Saturday, October 2nd. This group show is inspired by the pursuit to find cures for disease, 25% of all exhibition sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to assist in their research into discovering cures for breast cancer.

"Survivor" by Tip Toeland

Artist Kate McDowell (HF Vol.15) joins 10 other extraordinary sculptors in an exhibition, Corporeal Manifestations at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia's The Mütter Museum. The show "highlights artists who create traditional ceramic figurative work by exploring the psychology of our biological existence" and will be on view until August 2, 2010.

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