Katy Ann Gilmore’s Drawings Distort Depth, Perspective

by Andy SmithPosted on

Los Angeles artist Katy Ann Gilmore has a background in both art and mathematics, using that knowledge to craft work that looks at “the relationship between 2D, perpendicular planes and their distortions into 3D space.” Her drawings add illusions and a context to otherwise ordinary and flat spaces.

“Gilmore brings a unique interdisciplinary approach to her practice, drawing on her past academic work in both art and mathematics,” a recent statement says. “Strategic, controlled, and logical, her aesthetic and creativity is structured by this methodological reliance on mathematical ways of working. … Her interest in structures, both spatial and disciplinary, reveal a fundamental curiosity about the world at large, both natural and humanly contrived. Though based in hand drawing, her works often use mathematical formulae, graphs, or equations to get to the desired end result. It is through this application of systems that something larger about the nature of perception and experience is revealed through her compositions.”

See more of her recent work below.

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