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Yasuto Sasada

IKEA presents ART EVENT 2017, a limited edition collection of twelve posters each featuring the artwork of twelve diverse artists from around the world. For this third installment of ART EVENT, IKEA put all attention to hand drawings from both emerging as well as established artists such as such as Jean Jullien, Amandine Uruty, Steven Harrington and Yasuto Sasada. The posters are available in limited quantity for only a few more weeks or while supply last. Here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grab great art. IKEA: ART EVENT 2017

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Japanese artist Yasuto Sasada, just 27 years old, has already made a name for himself in the modern art and fashion world, through his collaborations with Yohji Yamamoto. Sasada has his own visual language that combines cultural traditions with the future. His detailed pen drawings of creatures mix motifs from modern technology and religion. Their black and white tonality, achieved with a thin 0.3mm pen, is harshly contrasted against bright pink, blue, and green backgrounds. He’s created a new form of painting that juxtaposes old and contemporary ideas, taking us into an entirely new dimension.