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An iconic Renaissance roundel depicting the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus is taken out of its sacred context, and pasted in the most unlikely of places. Situated within the urban fabric, amid rubble and rust, the circular image is severed in half by a thick, painted pink stripe. The lower piece seems forcefully pushed to the foreground, and the viewer is drawn to typically overlooked details, such as the ornate blue sandal worn by the Virgin. Abstracted lines jut across the composition with a shocking force similar to that with which the Archangel Gabriel delivered the news of the Annunciation. The artwork is part of San Francisco-based artist Poesia’s latest exhibition, "Reflexive," which opened at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco on August 16.
Partners in art and in life, Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall collaborate seamlessly, almost out of necessity. They work in close proximity to one another in their studio, switching between parent duty to their two young children and working on their paintings. Elements of Plock's blocky, geometric style end up on Tunstall's softer, more painterly canvases and vice versa. The couple, sometimes known by the monicker KeFe, currently has an exhibition at San Francisco's Shooting Gallery titled "Floating World: Part One" on view through August 9. Part two of this body of work will open at Antler Gallery in Portland on July 31, creating a visual dialogue between two cities.

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