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Tag: Renaissance Painting

Now on view, Mab Graves' exhibition "Spectrum" at Auguste Clown Gallery manifests her inspirations with adventurous new themes and characters. The most prominent is the retro doll character with Big Eyes, Blythe, reinvented in Graves' world as a goddess and a ray-gun shooting explorer with a carefree spunk. Her storybook animal sidekicks are right out of Aesop's Fables like The Tortoise and the Hare, and other tales with important life lessons.
Illinois based artist Anne Harris has a Renaissance-inspired technique, but there's an emotional realism in her portraits. One of her primary interests as a painter is to portray the complex relationship between other's perceptions versus our own. Her 21st century women evoke a certain self awareness in this respect. This may result from Harris' process which involves studying her own features in the mirror while she paints. Since her early work, her style has become progressively softer and more simplified.

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