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He's been labeled a legendary master of collage and a "Punk Art Surrealist". Bay Area artist Winston Smith has been making his thought-provoking surrealist collages since the 1970s. Smith left the U.S. in 1969 to study art in Italy and experienced "a massive case of culture shock" upon his return. Struck by the profound social changes that had occurred during his absence, he began taking "safe" images from magazines to create politically-charged works of art.
To Brooklyn, New York based artist Dan Witz, the mosh pit is a place of savage beauty. Featured here on our blog, the longtime street artist, who was in his own punk band, combines his passion for art and the energy of the hardcore music scene in his "Mosh Pit" series. He slows down the chaos of the nightclub from the musician's perspective into paintings that are strangely primal, focused on both the private and collective experience.

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