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Cuba-born artist Juan Travieso blends nature and abstraction in his oil and acrylic paintings. From endangered animals to cultural icons, Travieso’s explorations track the changing world by both capturing its beauty and relaying the bleakness of its treatment. The artist was last featured on here.

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Miami based artist Juan Travieso brings nature to life in his colorful and geometric paintings. Growing up in Havana, Cuba, he loved being outside and exploring his natural surroundings. This passion developed into his appreciation for nature, the core component of his design oriented style. In our interview with the artist, he shared, “As a part of nature, I am aware of the fact that we are trying so hard as a species to disconnect ourselves from what we are. I feel that it is my responsibility as an artist and as a citizen of the world to give voice to the powerless species on this earth.”

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Miami-based painter Juan Travieso brings his work to life with vivid colors out of a sense of necessity. In his early days as a child in Cuba, his access to art supplies was limited because of the country’s trade restrictions. As a result, Travieso has a deep appreciation for color and takes advantage of the hues available to him with his full-spectrum palette. His oil and acrylic paintings on canvas often feature geometric forms interacting with birds and other animals. Travieso uses this juxtaposition of realism and design to draw attention to the adverse effects human activity has had on nature. He views each painting as a chance to give voice to the powerless and endangered species on our planet. We spoke to Travieso about the ideas behind his paintings, as well as his artistic evolution.