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A few weeks ago, we gave readers a small taste of the many, enormous murals that went up at We AArt Festival in Aalborg, Denmark (see our coverage of Aryz, Escif and Kenor's walls here). The festival was envisioned as a way to bring more public art to the mid-sized city and featured international artists with a penchant for large-scale work that Hi-Fructose readers will recognize. Interesni Kazki, a duo from Ukraine known for their storybook-like murals, split up and tackled two separate walls. Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz typically draws inspiration from the natural world for his depictions of hybridized creatures. His piece for We AArt depicts a skeletal horse encased in an armor of tree branches with an ink-like technique atypical of outdoor work. Other artists included Jaz, Liqen, Don John and Fintan Magee. Check out photos of the murals below.
Ukrainian artist duo Interesni Kazki teamed up with Studio Cromie from Grotagglie, Italy for their solo show "Inter Arma Silent Musae." The show features new ink drawings and paintings created over the last couple of months. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to see studio works by Waone and Aec, who are better known for the fairytale-like murals they've painted everywhere from Mexico to India. "Inter Arma Silent Musae" was staged in an impressive tomb-like interior of Bottega Papocchia and their fantastical, detailed works felt at home on these antiquated stone walls.

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