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Tag: figurative sculpture

Constructed from driftwood, the figurative sculptures of Nagato Iwasaki appear as ancient beings wandering through forests or curious museum-dwellers. The Japanese artist’s talents in composing posture and grace creates an eerily humanistic quality in the works, set apart from the rigid figurative pieces of his contemporaries. Elsewhere, Iwasaki crafts incomplete bodies that, given the material used, seem as though they may be growing or returning to the earth.
Though Takahiro Kondo is a third-generation ceramics artist, his voice is distinctly his own. The Japanese sculptor’s figurative works play with texture and mood, pushing the limits of glazes and form. This style implements the artist's own, original technique: gintekisai, which is an overglaze containing silver, platinum, and gold. This produces the bubbled texture found on the faces of his characters and objects.

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