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Christian-Martin-Weiss_6 For years, artists have been using GIFs in mind blowing ways to bring their visions to life. Native American GIF artist George Redhawk aka DarkAngel0ne, who is blind, uses them to "see" art. With the help of visual aides and using photo manipulation software designed for the visually impaired, Redhawk creates eerily captivating versions of his favorite paintings and photographs. He doesn't call himself an "artist" but tell that to the more than seven million people who have viewed his work online.
Athens based artist Adam Martinakis has captured the curiosity of his fans for years with his fragmented digital figures. He describes his imagery as "a connection between the spirit and the material, the living and the absent... I compose scenes of the unborn, the dead and the alive, immersed in the metaphysics of perception." His inspiration is equally other-wordly; mysteries of the universe such as the event horizon. His subjects are shown in various stages of creation in scenes that evade time and space.

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