The Lush Drawings of Rachael Pease

by Andy SmithPosted on

Rachael Pease’s lush drawings, crafted in India ink on frosted mylar, create mystical settings from trees and plantlife observed in reality. The artist grew up in rural Indiana among similar backdrops. And her drawings are rooted in photographic collages created from her journeys.

“Pease, who grew up in rural Indiana surrounded by vast lands and forests, explores nature in her works, which she creates with India ink pens on frosted mylar,” says the gallery Jason Vass, where the artist recently had a duo show with Tadashi Moriyama. “Her pieces often start with a tree she’s found and likes – in the woods, at national parks, and sometime in the city. She takes pictures from different angles, prints them, and stitches them together to make collages, transforming what she’s observed in her daily life into surreal and timeless landscapes that contemplate the impermanence of the natural world.”

See more work from the artist on her site.

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