La Machine Creates Dragon for Latest Performance

by Andy SmithPosted on

Through the manipulation of 17 people, La Machine unleashed a dragon on Calais, France, with its latest, towering creation and performance. “Le Dragon de Calais” was unveiled earlier this month by the French group of artists, which was last featured on here. Previously, they crafted a 60-foot mechanical spider, 50-foot-tall Minotaur, and other creatures ripped from myth for their performances.

The group offers some backstory to the performance: “During recent undersea works carried out to extend the port of Calais, workers have broken open the sacred stone that locks the gateway of the north and protects the surface of the earth from the denizens of the subterranean worlds. A fantastical creature has managed to cross the threshold and enter our world. The footprints found in the sand are those of a gigantic dragon. Freed from the subterranean worlds, the Dragon of Calais is heading for the city.”

Find more on their site.

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