The Ceramic Sculptures of Delphine Bonnet

by Andy SmithPosted on

Delphine Bonnet’s ceramic figures reveal inner worlds, with components that only at first appear as organs. Elsewhere, the artist creates stoneware creatures that appear at once apart of our own natural world and from another dimension entirely. The form offers an ancient quality to her works, further rooting them in the mythologies that inspire her. (Photos by Virginie Pontisso.)

“Like a buttonhole the belly opens and another world opens to us: a levitating fetus, a snail that slides under the moon, foliage, flowers in the belly, organs that seem in the right place but would to tell the learned practitioners of passage …,” a statement says, as translated. “It is with the fantasy and the artifices, with the constant game between the real and the imaginary one of Surrealism that one thinks and with the psychoanalysis, with the dream which fascinated them so much: these characters speak with our unconscious, to our personal personal history but also to the collective unconscious.”

See more works from the artist here.

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