The Recent ‘Jelly Gummies’ of Sam Lyon

by Andy SmithPosted on

Sam Lyon’s recent 3D animations and characters have a particular texture and sheen, reflecting the name he’s given to the series he’s worked on for the past few years: “Jelly Gummies.” Whether it’s a sentient piece of fruit, a Teletubby, or an undergarment, Lyon applies his signature facial features and sensibilities to any given object, and effectively absorbs it into his gelatinous world.

Last year, the artist worked on a bumper for Adult Swim (above). On his site, he details his experience working on it: “This is my favourite animation out of all of them I’ve made so far. 15 second bumper for a cartoon called ‘Hot Streets’ on Adult Swim. Huge thanks to Titmouse who invited me to make this. They need to make a quick escape from an underground bunker, and the only way out is to test an experimental serum on the dog.”

See more of his recent experimentations below.

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