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Sam Lyon’s recent 3D animations and characters have a particular texture and sheen, reflecting the name he’s given to the series he’s worked on for the past few years: “Jelly Gummies.” Whether it's a sentient piece of fruit, a Teletubby, or an undergarment, Lyon applies his signature facial features and sensibilities to any given object, and effectively absorbs it into his gelatinous world.
Somewhere on the scale of lovable to repulsive lie Sam Lyon's "Jelly Gummies," a series of experimental digital illustrations and GIFs the tickle the senses. These 3D-looking creatures make you want to reach out and poke your computer screen to feel their squishy texture, only to quickly recoil at their intestine-like sliminess. The jolly blobs flop and wiggle in Lyon's repetitive, animated GIFs. But the illustrator and designer puts them to another surprising use: clothing and textile designs. Many of the Jelly Gummies are featured in repeating patterns that he plans to make into fabrics, adding another dimension to his otherwise multi-sensory work.

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