Genesis Belanger’s Vivid, Humorous Ceramic Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Genesis Belanger‘s ceramic sculptures take everyday objects and inject a strange strain of humanity into them. The works, often mixing stoneware and porcelain, carry both humor and surrealism in this active evolution. All are so vivid and burlesque in their execution that they appear to be ripped out of an animated world.

“Referencing the tradition of surrealism, airing on the side of a joke, Belanger utilizes tools of literature, and advertising, to create a phantasmagoric setting,” a recent statement says. “In this world her subjects are frozen in a moment, some transforming from human to inanimate object, others shifting through stages of personification. These objectified bodies and the spaces they occupy construct darkly humorous narratives, riddled with utopian delusion, futility, and isolation, an absurdity of reduction.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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