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We have just learned of the death of legendary visionary concept artist and futurist Syd Mead. We were honored to do a fantastic article on his life and art in HF Vol.33. Below, for the first time, we are going to make that article written by Silke Tudor public for you to read it and learn about his life and worldview.
Bizarre, vibrant creatures and vehicles inhabit the worlds of Will Sweeney. The artist’s recent work calls upon the style of comics great Jack Kirby and retro science-fiction. The illustrator has crafted gallery work, comics, clothing, videos, illustrations for musicians, and more.
Swedish illustrator Kilian Eng creates vibrant, hyperdetailed works that hint at fictional worlds. These futurescapes, often in ruins, contain mysterious narratives, allowing the reader to come up with their own motivations and theories. Outside of this personal work, the artist has worked for Disney, HBO, Heavy Metal, Mondo, Sony, The New York Times, Marvel, and several other.
Swedish artist Love Hulten’s pieces can be enjoyed as stand-alone art, but most of the works are functioning devices, with working series of knobs, buttons, screens, and receivers. The result is often something that seems as though it was ripped out of a vintage sci-fi film, often incorporating hidden, modern technology that makes it function. Hulten’s work is at home in both a gallery and a tech expo. Find his work on Instagram here.

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