Jim Shaw’s Acrylic Clashes of Pop, Politics, and Scenic Backdrops

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jim Shaw‘s paintings are striking fusions of pop culture, political histories, and found, scenic backdrops. The artist’s varied approach has evolved over decades, with his recent work working with acrylics layered on muslin. Some of the works implement “theatrical scenic backdrops” purchased by Shaw, combining canvases from the 1940s and 1950s and his own style.

“In a continual oscillation between historical reference and contemporary political satire, in these paintings Shaw turns his gaze to subjects as wide-ranging as material wealth, innocence and guilt, man’s relationship with nature and religious fanaticism,” a statement says. “Mining and splicing American histories, cultural refuse of the 20th century, conspiracy magazines, obscure religious iconography, mythologies, children’s stories, images from advertising, cartoons and his personal memories and collections, Shaw’s seductive, darkly comic works invite us to reflect on social and economic power systems and subjugation.”

See more of Shaw’s work below.

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