‘We’re All Nasty’: The Illustrations of Taylor Williams

by Andy SmithPosted on

While some artists celebrate the inherent beauty of the human form, the illustrations of Taylor Williams focus on its strangeness. The Charlotte-based artist draws and animates characters and scenes that are packed with biting humor. The artist offers us some insight on why she depicts humanity in this way:

“I will always be repulsed and delighted by the insanity of our anatomy,” the artist tells us. “It’s just nasty – we’re all nasty. And then we’re supposed to go into the world and act like we know how to do anything when the only thing we have rattling around upstairs are a few pop song lyrics. What else would we even keep up there? It’s hilarious. Look at us go!

“Life is so weird and hard and boring sometimes,” she says. “I think of everyone as being in this huge sterile classroom and, the artists I enjoy the most, their work feels like an unrefined sketch or note that got passed around the back. It points out something true in an exciting, sometimes harsh or inappropriate way. That or it’s just a goof, but it brings life back to the room and gets people to wipe the drool off of their chins … so that’s the goal.”

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