John Guy Petruzzi’s Paintings Encounter Ecological Disasters

by Andy SmithPosted on

John Guy Petruzzi uses watercolor and acrylics on synthetic paper for his vivid explorations on ecological disaster. The vibrant pops across these scenes from the natural world may be intriguing, but they tell a story far more ugly. As fellow painters Lauren Marx and Tiffany Bozic explore the dire consequences of our actions in meditations on life and death, Petruzzi also adds to this conversation a clashing and blending of textures and materials.

“My work parallels our ideas of rarity between the evolution of species, the creation of art, and the advancement of technology,” the artist said in a past statement. “Within the context of an ongoing Holocene mass extinction, I examine the meaning of these values through a ‘symbology’ informed by natural history, digital media, and field experience in nature.”

The artist recently took part in Antler Gallery’s “Unnatural Histories VI,” a continuation of a series on the very topics these painters tackle.

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