Maskull Lasserre’s Improbable Wooden Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Calgary-born artist Maskull Lasserre creates improbable sculptures that defy their materials and challenge the viewer’s expectations. His “Schrodinger’s Wood,” made from Ash tree trunk, a chain hoist and gantry, appears as a rope tethering one piece to another, as rendered by the artist. And even when the truth of its material is revealed, the piece still offers tension in its “breaking.”

“These objects are designed to pause at the brink of completion,” the artist says, in a statement, “to preserve a mystery, to hold a choice, and in so doing avert the stagnation that belongs to the fully-real. Like a tool waiting for an operator or a data set for a theory, these pieces anticipate the viewer’s presence to catalyze their resolution. Reconciled in the medium of through, my work is offered in a perpetual state of becoming, held open for a viewer to inhabit and explore.”

The artist’s work has been featured in major exhibitions at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City and Banksy’s famed Dismaland. He’s been a visiting artist at Harvard, MIT, and other institutions.

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