Nahuel Salcedo’s Absorbing Motion Graphics

by Andy SmithPosted on

Buenos Aires-born, Tokyo-based Nahuel Salcedo is a motion graphics designer known for his vibrant creations that absorb whether he’s animating the everyday or the abstract. His studio, Onesal, moves between commercial and creative projects, whether it’s Discovery Channel, Intel, or a music video for acts like Kaela.

“We are a design and motion graphics studio formed by a team of self-defined visual cooks,” the duo says. “Our kitchens are in Tokyo and Buenos Aires, two cities with contrasting flavours. There, we hand pick our ingredients. Tradition and passion. Technology and ingenuity. That contrast inspires us to create. And it is delicious. We craft visual entertainment, add a bit of spice, and have fun while at it.”

Much of the work on the artist’s Instagram toys with dismantling strange objects, often combinations of rigid materials and strange lifeforms. In still form, viewers can see the amount of texture and care injected into each of these alien creations.

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