Ondrej Zunka’s Humorous, Vibrant Animations

by Andy SmithPosted on

Ondrej Zunka’s digital art and animations carry both vibrancy and humor. And unlike much of the animated Cinema 4D work shared across Instagram and other social sites, the artist utilizes audio in a way that both enhances and adds integral context to the works he produces.

In an interview with Bigmouth Audio, the artist describes his unlikely entry into the field: “It was a direction that I was unexpectedly attracted to, something I became more involved with by following different steps of interest. I actually hold a master’s degree in economy and business management, no an art or design background whatsoever. But in my second year at university my friend introduced me to Cinema 4D and I was like – Whoa. You can do this on your computer? – So I started learning the basics of 3D which naturally evolved into moving pictures. By the time I finished my studies I was certain I wanted to have a good time while working and actually create things instead of being the manager of some corporation, wearing suits and wearing pretended importance.”

The motion designer’s had high-profile clients since embarking on his career, including Nike. His personal work, represented by Cambridge, Ma.’s Nyx Gallery, can also be found here.

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