Mainframe North Animation Has Objects Defying Physical Properties

by Andy SmithPosted on

Eggs bounce off of a stack of plates; a glass dissolves around a solid chunk of milk. Mainframe North, the Manchester-based arm of the motion design and VFX group Mainframe, recently put together a compilation of objects defying their natural properties and physics. Check out “For Approval” below.

“This was an experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects,” the group says. “After much deliberation we set ourselves a brief to create a collection of scenarios subverting the physical properties of…anything. It made for some interesting comments along the way. ‘That egg’s not bouncy enough, the cloth coming out of the tap needs to feel more like water, the bowling ball needs to feel heavier as it floats off…’. We suddenly realised we were playing our own client.”

Mainframe’s London and Manchester legs have done work for a variety of brands and services, from Nike and BMW to Russian Standard Vodka and Autodesk. Though many of the animations feature otherworldly new objects, Mainframe’s arists have a particular talent in turning the familiar on its head.

tech21 – Evo Check (Directors cut) from Mainframe (North) on Vimeo.

Autodesk Maya Intro from Mainframe (North) on Vimeo.

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