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Twenty-one years after La Luz de Jesus Gallery first explored the faux-Polynesian “Tiki” culture with lowbrow artists reinterpreting the mid-20th-century phenomenon, the Los Angeles spot is back with two shows. “The Art of Tiki: 21st Anniversary Art of Tiki Show & No False Idols” is a two-parter that offers both “contemporary artistic interpretations of the Tiki art form and vintage Tiki originals from which the modern movement sprang.”

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Opening August 27th, Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup will soon make his solo exhibition debut in Hong Kong with “Space Madness” at Kong Art Space. First featured in HF Vol. 2, as well as here on the blog, Biskup is well known for his increasingly explorative surreal character-based works. Over the years, the artist has credited Surrealism to Baroque and Modernist styles for his mixed aesthetic, always with a nod to his days an animation artist. Biskup seems to return to his roots with his latest series of loose and stylistic, cartoony mixed media paintings.