Tim Biskup Makes Hong Kong Solo Debut with “Space Madness”

by CaroPosted on

Opening August 27th, Los Angeles based artist Tim Biskup will soon make his solo exhibition debut in Hong Kong with “Space Madness” at Kong Art Space. First featured in HF Vol. 2, as well as here on the blog, Biskup is well known for his increasingly explorative surreal character-based works. Over the years, the artist has credited Surrealism to Baroque and Modernist styles for his mixed aesthetic, always with a nod to his days an animation artist. Biskup seems to return to his roots with his latest series of loose and stylistic, cartoony mixed media paintings. This includes his show title’s reference to a Ren and Stimpy episode, where on their journey to space, Ren and Stimpy experience a cabin-fever condition called “Space Madness”. In layered washes of bright colors, the artist paints tropical birds like toucans, toothy crocodiles, and other crazy creatures of the South Pacific. Framed by white space, Biskup leaves his audience to imagine the wacky and wild tiki-esque world that they must inhabit. The artist has consistently created characters that represent a deeper, more complex side of his psyche. Focused more on pure forms of expression rather than a narrative we’re meant to follow, there has always been an element of “madness” in his works. With these new caricatures of his subconscious, he puts an emphasis on that certain lunacy and spontaneity that is art making.

“Space Madness” New Paintings by Tim Biskup will be on view from August 27th through September 27th, 2015 at KONG Art Space, Hong Kong.

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