Op-Artist Carl Cashman Paints “An Edited Version of Life”

by CaroPosted on

Op art works are abstract, and while mostly in black and white, UK artist Carl Cashman usually infuses his with clashing neon colors. Using geometry and optical illusion, his works depict hidden symbols and movement, as in bold patterns that appear to flex and warp. Cashman (covered here) enhances these qualities with a style that he calls “Neometry”. Unlike completely abstracted art, which bears no trace of anything recognizable, Cashman’s sees his art as a sort of biography. The inspiration behind his latest series of acrylic works, titled “An Edited Version of Life”, references moments in his daily life. This includes emotions such as the highs and lows of falling in love, as in his series of optical word paintings “Love Hurts”, to more quirky subjects like his lunch. Life is visually remixed, or “edited”, according to Cashman’s peculiar sense of humor and personal perspective. He will exhibit the series at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles beginning August 15th.

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