Artist Duo FAILE Bring Their Eye-Catching Graphic Style to Brooklyn Museum

by Nick PizanaPosted on

First featured in HF Vol. 18, FAILE is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. Known for their critique on modern consumer culture and over indulgence, the two man art collective covers the walls of the Brooklyn Museum this week with their eye-catching, graphic style for their latest exhibition “Savage/Sacred Young Minds.” The exhibition sees the addition of new paintings and sculptures that display the artists’ growth, and also brings back some of their most well-known previous work including their two installations, “Temple” and “The FAILE & BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade”. Though both installations have be displayed before, this marks their museum debut which takes the viewer out of the gallery and into a new world. Standing at a towering 16 1/2 feet high by 28 1/2 feet long by 16 feet wide, “Temple” is a recreation of an ancient ruined structure. “The FAILE & BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade” is a collaboration with fellow Brooklyn artist Bäst, a fully interactive recreation of a video game arcade complete with pinball machines and retro-fitted videogames.

“Savage/Sacred Young Minds” by FAILE is now on view at the Brooklyn Museum through October 4th.

All photos by Jonathan Dorado, courtesy the Brooklyn Museum.

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