On View: “Adrift” Group Show at Marcas Contemporary Art

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Gabe Larson

For their first show of 2015, Marcas Contemporary Art features twenty artists whose works evoke a sense of misdirection and uncertainty. As the title suggests, they portray themes of longing, confusion, and instability through both subdued and vibrant pieces, spanning a variety of media. Those featured here include Jaclyn Alderete, Gabe Larson, Ken Garduno, Gosia Casey Gray, N.C. Winders, Gomez Bueno, and Amliv Sotomayer, exhibiting works characteristic of their signature styles. On the colorful side of the spectrum, Ken Garduno portrays an explosive ink portrait of a skull in his retro-inspired technique, complimented by a detailed and energetic new series by N.C. Winters. This feeling of movement is echoed in works such as Jaclyn Alderete’s softer, gestural painting of a girl stretching between activities. Perhaps the most animated piece in the show is Gomez Bueno’s marble bust “Beautiful Lies”, a classically inspired take on Pinocchio‘s famous growing nose. Whether humorous or more conceptual, each provides an unlimited definition of what it means to be “Adrift”.

“Adrift” is currently on view at Marcas Contemporary gallery in Santa Ana, CA through April 5th.

Gabe Larson

Gomez Bueno

Ken Garduno

N.C. Winters

N.C. Winters

Jaclyn Alderete

Jaclyn Alderete (detail)


Amliv Sotomayer

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