On View: “Ripple” by Yugo Kohrogi at Cashi, Tokyo

by CaroPosted on

Tokyo based painter Yugo Kohrogi sees life through a unique filter. His exhibition “Ripple”, now on view at Cashi gallery in Tokyo, presents interpretations of the female form with a ripple effect. Kohrogi’s images undulate with an invisible energy that changes from piece to piece. Looking through broken glass or a watery surface might distort an image differently, and it’s these subtle differences that Kohrogi observes. His “Slash” series (below for comparison) was created just before this exhibition and focused on flame-like forms that melt and expand. With “Ripple”, there is a much denser texture combined with magnified details in his subject’s face. The viewer can completely lose his or her sense of perspective in the abstraction of it. Some have described it as erotic or tantalizing, speaking to Kohrogi’s ability to evoke strong emotion through distortion.

“Ripple” by Yugo Kohrogi is on view through January 25th, 2015 at Cashi, Tokyo.

“Slash” series:

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