Ben Eine’s New Mural in Denver

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Ben Eine’s murals deliver the punch of a well-wrought slogan. Executed with bold, blocky letters, the single words and short phrases he typically paints on walls look like something you should believe in. They stand firmly against the cityscape, blaring their messages loudly with Eine’s signature palette of electric blues, bright greens and deep purples and reds. But unlike the language used in advertising, Eine’s phraseology is open-ended, inviting his viewers to wonder about the significance of his words rather than commanding them to act. Black Book Gallery in Denver, CO recently invited Eine to paint a wall tucked away on the gallery’s south side. The word “BRILLIANT” triumphantly stretches across a lengthy building, adding color to the industrial landscape. Take a look at some process photos of Eine painting this new piece.

All images courtesy of Black Book Gallery.

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